The Skibelund Krat Hotel is a natural venue for coaches and buscompanies.

The comfortable atmosphere and the history of the place, makes this the perfect outing.

The historic remembrance sculptures are a great, cultural experience, and the Skibelund Krat Hotel the perfect spot to indulge in the Danish kitchen.



  • Soup with flourballs and meatballs, and bread DKK 49,-

  • Chicken and asparagus in a puff pastry shell DKK 44,-

  • Chickensalad on a pineapple ring, with asparagus and tomato DKK 59,-

Main courses

  • Minced pork steak, with pea and carrot stew and potatoes DKK 148,-

  • Danish minced beef steak, with fried onions, potatoes, relish and sauce DKK 149,-

  • Old fashioned pot roast with green beans, glazed pearl onions, potatoes, relish and sauce DKK 149,-

  • Wienerscnitzel with peas and pommes sauté DKK 165,-


  • Homemade ice cream cake with chocolate sauce DKK 60,-

  • Traditional Danish moussepudding, rum, lemon or vanilla, with cherry sauce DKK 45,-

  • Fruit salad of fresh fruits, with creamsauce DKK 62,-

  • Traditional Danish apple pie DKK 39,-

If you have alternative requirements, please let us know, and we will make you an offer.

The prices mentioned in this section is only applicable for groups.

The chaffeur will not be charged for his or her meal.

If you wish to make use of any of the offers on this page, please inform the Skibelund Krat Hotel at least 3 weeks prior to arrival, phone no. +45 75 36 07 21

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Hotel Skibelund Krat

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Skibelund Krat 4, 6600 Vejen​

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